About SkiTrucks

So you’ve lived in ski country for a number of years now or perhaps your whole life- and you’ve never been skiing?! The Wasatch Front is home to the Greatest Snow on Earth, which is why thousands of winter athletes came to compete in the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics of 2002 and Olympic athletes choose Utah to continue to train for the next Olympics...

"But the equipment is just so expensive!" you tell yourself. Well, not at SkiTruck.com - Salt Lake City’s and the world’s largest discount ski shop. We offer more variety than all the shops in the world combined... pick a price and we can give you many choices at any price from $99 to $999...!!! that is for skis, boots, bindings, poles, fitted all ready to ski when you recieve them.... 

Over 30 years of putting people on the slopes for less

Jeff White founded Ski Trucks back in 1969. started selling out of his apartment while at BYU..He owned a ski truck (56 chev pickup)and sold skis right out of the back in an open parking lot.then traveled from town to town..sometimes following the snow.. The business has grown extensively since then (1969), and now he has one 24,000 sq ft shop....located just west of the Utah State Fairpark at 1260 W North Temple. near the salt lake city international airport.

"People come in and want skis, but they don’t want to pay a lot" says Jeff. "I’ve been selling ski packages to people on a budget for more than forty years. I sold complete ski packages for $99 dollars then, I can still sell complete used ski packages for $99 dollars today." the cleaner used package for $188 is a hit... $288 is half new half used. This has become one of our best selling packages. 

$388+ you can get all new...fitted all ready to ski......

Now don’t kid yourself, the low-end package is a bit dated, but you don’t need all that fancy stuff to have fun on the slopes. Many customers love the store because there is a wider selection of quality used and new goods. Have you ever wondered what happens to all those skis you’ve rented in the past? If they’re still in good condition you might find them here, at a price comparable to what you paid to rent for just a few days... yep own your own for a weeks rental—no equity in rentals. Has your child grown out of those 80cm skis? Bring them into the shop and you may be able to trade the old ones for a discount on a larger size. 

Don't want used stuff?

If you don’t want used stuff, the shop has a large selection of new Salomon, Head, Dynastar, Atomic and Völkl skis and other name brand equipment, all available at a fraction of the original price.  Do you need hats, gloves or a nice winter coat? We sell anything that can keep you warm while you’re out in the cold.

Snowboards too

Snowboarders are also welcome at Ski Trucks. New and used boots and boards from Head, Matrix, Salomon, snowjam, roxy, Airwalk, Nidecker, Winterstick and many other fine brands are available. Of course we’ve got a wide selection of trade-in and used rental boards as well. we have used Packages from $150 for board, bindings and boots.. new from $240...  We also have step-in snowboard packages... used and new... more  convient..  Ski Trucks has everything you need to ride Utah’s "Greatest Snow on Earth." Even on a humble student budget, you’ll find very affordable demos and new closeouts. 

So, whether you think a nice pair of ski boots would make a good Christmas gift, or if a full snowboard package is your thing, send Santa and your friends to skitruck.com at 1260 West North Temple, just west of the Utah State Fairpark or check us out on the web at www.skitruck.com.

Latest news, products and services

SkiTrucks is always introducing new products, services and other ways to get you on the slopes faster and for less money:

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Hear what our customers are saying

Our best advertising is word of mouth. We have customers who have been coming to SkiTrucks

Thanks so much. Great deal on awesome skis, fast shipping, and great communication. Couldn't be more pleased. I will definitely recommend to others and will shop here again!


Mar 28, 2014 - Port Washington, WI

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I exchange my purchase or rental?

Purchases may be exchanged at no additional fee unless there is an upgrade or return shipping involved. Exchanges must be completed within 7 days of the original purchase date. Read about our Return Policy.

Rentals may be exchanged within the lease period for not additional fee unless an upgrade is desired for which you will need to pay the difference. Read more about Leasing or Rentals.

2. Do you have airport-hotel shuttle services?

SkiTrucks has a van dedicated to your transportation needs. We are right by the airport. Many of our customers from around the world arrive at Salt Lake International Airport where we take them to our store for custom fitting and adjustments, then to their hotel (within a 7 miles of our shop) using our shuttle service.

By keeping your online skier/rider profiles up-to-date and purchasing your ski or snowboard package online at least 3 days before arrival in Salt Lake, we can even deliver your purchased or leased equipment and lift tickets to your hotel. See our Additional Services page for more detail on shuttle services.

3. Do you rent or lease ski and snowboard equipment?

SkiTrucks can rent or lease equipment by the day, week, month, or season! We have basic, better, twin-tip, demo, powder, rocker, snowboard, cross country, and blade packages for adults and kids in a wide variety of styles, colors and conditions—even an attractive women's selection. For more information, visit our Leasing/Rental page.

4. How did Skitrucks start?

As a college student working for a ski company, Jeff White learned the insides of the ski business mounting hundreds—even thousands—of ski rentals then shipping wholesale orders, and taking care of customers. When he was invited to represent the company, he traveled some 70,000 miles a year and in three years took the territory from 45,000 /year to over 400,000. He had ski companies owing him more than 27,000 in commission, but when they couldn't pay he had to take stock they could not sell and go sell it in parking lots to get his commissions. He quickly found that there was a market for the unwanted year-old or older equipment. 40 some years later Skitrucks has a following from all over the planet including many 3rd generation Skitruckers.

5. How do you know what size and measurements to use for my online purchases?

SkiTrucks is the only Ski and Snowboard shop that will fit your products to your very unique body measurements and skill level whether you purchase in store or online. This is made possible by you filling out an online Skier/Rider Profile for each person you shop for and keeping that profile maintained and up-to-date. Create or update your Skier/Rider Profiles today. For more information, check our Services page or Contact Us with questions.

6. I received one box with only half my order. What happened?

In order to save you money, sometimes Ski Trucks ships large orders in two packages. Both shipments will usually arrive the same day or the next business day. See our Shipping Policy page for more information.

7. What are your shipping options and where do you ship?

We can ship anywhere in the world! Visit our Shipping Options page for more detail on pricing and process.

8. What does the "only true ski swap" mean?

SkiTrucks is the only shop in the world that will let families bring in all their ski and snowboard equipment to the store for exchange or free fitting. We can meet your needs in one of two ways:

  • We can fit and adjust your existing equipment from one skier/rider to another as a FREE service
  • If you can't pass around your current equipment, we'll give you a credit of 1/3 its current value toward your next purchase. 

You decide what you keep and what you trade in. We will get you what you need fitted and ready to use for you and your family keeping you on the slopes for another 2 years or more! This free service is only available to store walk-ns—not by internet. We have many customers around the world who purchase their equipment online from SkiTrucks then ski Utah every other year so they can take advantage of this free trade-in program.

9. What is your return policy?

We will accept returns on products and provide a full refund if returned within 7 days of purchase in original condition. Return shipping is paid for by the customer. For additional information, please see our Return Policy.

10. Where do you get your products?

Skitrucks.com is a closeout broker or ski shop and distributor liquidator. We have even been known to buy out whole factories and export warehouses. We buy year old or older stock, then we mix and match—even used with new—getting you stuff that works very well even if it doesn't always look so great but at a price no one could turn down. We have been doing this for over 40 years saving families and individuals hundreds of dollars each ski season.